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Schedule Module

The Ecotime Scheduling Module provides the payroll user with the ability to define the types of schedules available to managers, or supervisors, which can be assigned to their employees.

The Ecotime® Scheduling Module is an add-on module for the HBS Ecotime® system. As with all modules, the Scheduling Module is seamlessly integrated with Ecotime®.

With the Ecotime® Scheduling Module, the supervisor can gain greater control over the management of those employees assigned to them. Using the module, a supervisor has the ability to assign multiple variations of a particular schedule to each employee. Schedules are set up with a start and end date for an assignment, allowing supervisors to easily set up schedules for future dates. Schedules can also be edited for start, end, and break times for each employee. The Module allows for the creation of numerous variations to the existing schedule, and can be used for the assignment of future employees (i.e., on a particular project).

When the Scheduling Module is integrated with the Ecotime® Web Clock, Ecotime® Clock, or Ecotime® Phone modules, and an in/out time sheet, supervisors gain the ability to use a special attendance screen, which allows them to check the status of employees at the time of clock-in. This provides an alert to instantly discover if an employee did not clock in and, if needed, means to quickly rectify the situation (i.e., to correct a forgotten punch or call in for a needed employee replacement).

Additionally, the Ecotime® Scheduling Module has a group scheduling option. This option allows supervisors to assign schedules to multiple employees at one time.

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