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Time is money, and wasted time is wasted money.

Regardless of its size, all organizations are under constant pressure to effectively manage labor resources and control costs. Payroll departments are required to do this with limited budgets and little, if any, IT support, and are given practically no time to do this. To make matters worse, there is no margin for error, as each employee must be paid on time, and correctly.

Time is money, and wasted time is wasted money. HBS systems are designed to streamline a variety of things – basic tasks: like entering hours worked and clocking in/out, managerial functions: such as ensuring an employee is working according to their scheduled shift and comparing employee time sheets, and complicated procedures, including calculating employee overtime pay and handling vacation/paid time off accrual and requests – in a simple and accessible Web interface. Because all of the data provided to the system is stored digitally, you don’t have to take hours digging through a wall of filing cabinets to retrieve information.

HBS is a leading provider of time and attendance solutions for small-, mid- and enterprise-sized organizations. HBS’s Ecotime® was designed to seamlessly integrate with an organization’s payroll, human resources or accounting system. By improving data collection, managerial visibility, and enforcing pay policies, Ecotime® has been proven to reduce costs, save time, and minimize risk.

HBS offers several varieties of its Ecotime® system, each of which can be tailored to an organization’s specific needs:

Ecotime®.Enterprise Edition –  A fully customizable labor management system that is designed to meet the needs of all organizations. This system has the most advanced functions HBS offers, such as FMLA management, multiple pay cycles, a complex rules engine, advanced auditing and many others.

Ecotime®.SaaS –  The Ecotime® enterprise version deployed in a “Software as a Service” model, which eliminates the need to purchase and maintain server hardware. This service still includes all the features and customization, but requires minimal up-front costs. This is ideal for moderate to highly complex customers with limited IT support, or customers that don’t want to purchase and manage hardware.

Ecotime®.Small Business – An easy-to-configure version of Ecotime®.SaaS. This version is designed for small to mid-sized organizations with limited complexity. Customers are able to reduce costs and save time by configuring the system themselves. The system has easy-to-use configuration tools and wizards to guide you through the setup.

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