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Environmentally Friendly Practices at HBS

Updated: Apr 15, 2019

Environmentally Friendly

We have created an office green team to promote awareness of an eco-friendly work environment. We have also created a periodic green challenges for our employees. Below are a few examples of how HBS promotes environmentally Friendly Practices.

  1. The company as a whole tries to recycle as much as possible

  2. We have incentivize carpooling, use of public transportation and even bike riding to work for some employees

  3. Move to paperless whenever possible and only use recycled paper.

  4. Avoid using plastic cutlery and water bottles and cups, by using reusable coffee cups, stainless steel drink bottles with lids. We also promoted and distributed to employees, families and clients, HBS Canvas Bangs to be used instead of plastic and paper to support local laws for shopping.

  5. At HBS we have converted all lighting to LED along with motion detectors in common areas (rest rooms, lunch rooms, conference rooms and in some office) to use electricity wisely.

  6. All cleaning products are non-toxic.

  7. We also promote habits and practices to try to prevent air, water and land pollution.

HBS also supports programs for planting trees, and clean up activities at beaches and local parts.

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