At HBS, we combine our extensive experience implementing time-keeping systems with industry best practices to develop a unique approach.

Our methodology combines a team structure, with a phased deployment model, to ensure a cost-effective, and successful implementation. The HBS project team consists of experts in the fields of: project management, consulting, system development, quality assurance, documentation, training, and technical services.  Team members are assigned to a project based on their unique expertise, and will work with you throughout the entire process.

Planning – The HBS Project Manager will guide you through planning your entire project, from discovery to the completion of the project. They are an invaluable resource and are always available to assist in keeping your project on target and ensure all deadlines are met.

Discovery – HBS Consultants will guide you through our unique discovery process, aiding in the definition of your requirements. Together you and the Consultants will analyze, and document your business processes, and work flows, to create a customized version of the system.

Design – Following the completion of the discovery process, you and your Project Team will review its results and evaluate potential design solutions. This will include everything from selecting the best technologies, to building an implementation plan and setting project milestones.

Execution – In the execution phase, the plan will be put into action. Your customized system will be set up, configured, tested, and certified to meet your specific requirements.

Training – The training plan that has been selected will be executed.

Rollout and Go-Live – The HBS team will assist you throughout the entire roll-out and live processes. The HBS team is also available to be on-site for going live, to help answer questions and ensure an incident-free payroll processing.

Support – The project team remains available for post-implementation support while you are transitioned to your HBS Customer Support Team.