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In his free consultation, Michael Cappiello shares wisdom gained from 30 years of improving time & attendance systems. Whatever you are trying to do, Michael can help you highlight what questions to ask and avoid costly mistakes. Talking to Michael can save you a lot of time.

He has seen it all. For example: attaining union & legal compliance, consolidating existing systems, integrating with HR and payroll software, and leaving a vendor that cannot meet your changing needs.


Make your life easier and your project successful by talking with Michael. Contact us via the form on the right, and we will set up an appointment at your convenience.


To provide you with the most value, come prepared to tell him your key challenges and primary requirements. Then have a focused conversation on:

  • The industry trends most relevant to you

  • The questions you should ask every vendor

  • How best to avoid expensive mistakes

  • Other questions you want to discuss

About Us...

We solve the most complex payroll policies, overtime rules, edits, and
any other unique requirements.

Makers of flexible time and attendance software, we automate complex time and attendance policies, overtime rules, and any other unique requirements with award-winning customer service.

HBS has more than 1,500 clients in 47 states as well as an international client base in Europe and Canada. HBS develops economical solutions for clients that range from less than 50 employees to more than 250,000 in a number of industries, including health care, education, state and local government, manufacturing, financial institutions, insurance, utilities, technology, pharmaceutical, and oil/gas.

Here are just a handful of clients Michael Cappiello helped develop solutions for...