FMLA Module

The Ecotime FMLA Module gives companies an easy way to manage their employees’ requests, required documentation, approval and usage of employee time covered by the Family Medical Leave Act. This includes the requirements passed by President Obama.

Our FMLA Module will help organizations effectively manage the complex Department of Labor requirements. The Module completely automates the entire process, from an employee requesting FMLA leave, verifying eligibility, routing requests to Human Resources planned administrators, and assisting with the approval and notification process.  The system will generate forms for the employee as well as providing specially designed reports online to help administrators manage the process. The system will also control, and track, required forms and documentation for plan administrators.

The FMLA Module is configured to meet each client’s
procedures and can include:

  • Ecotime, which offers complete a workflow to streamline the process and enforce federal compliance for employees, plan administrators, payroll administrators and supervisors/managers

  • Determining if the employee is eligible for FMLA time

  • Allowing employees to generate a request to take FMLA time

  • Providing the employee with the forms required based on the type of request

  • Notifying human resources of employee continue and intermittent requests

  • Allowing human resources to respond to the employee regarding the request

  • Notifying the employee of request approval or denial

  • Streamlining and managing the employees usage of approved leave

  • Reporting for human resources on FMLA eligibility, usage and statistics

The Ecotime® FMLA Module is designed to automate your existing FMLA process and improve tracking of FMLA usage. In general, it makes it much easier for organizations to manage FMLA transactions for employees, plan administrators, supervisors/managers and payroll administrators.