Ecotime can easily integrate with your existing payroll /human resources system and supports active directory, LDAP and other third-party single-sign applications.

HBS designed the Ecotime® application to be the most powerful and flexible workforce management system available. Ecotime® utilizes both industry-wide best practices and the most advanced technologies available. Ecotime® is fully scalable — the same applications are used for companies as small as 39 employees and as large as 250,000 employees, allowing the system to grow with your organization — and is currently implemented in many companies in many industries. The application can easily integrate with your existing payroll/human resources system and supports active directory, LDAP and other third-party single-sign applications.


Ecotime® has been designed to provide all employees the ability to use the most appropriate time entry method for their work situation. It supports several different data collection technologies. These include internal Web screens, electronic time clocks, IVR phone systems, interfaces from other systems, and HBS’s own Ecotime® Web clock. Through the utilization of profiles and rules, the system was designed to give clients the ability to maintain their own system and enabling the client to make changes to the process or work flow transactions. Ecotime® has made it easier to implement the clients’ ever-changing business rules and overtime requirements set by the government, which results in a major cost savings for the client.

The design of Ecotime® allows clients to easily change these interfaces and/or add new interfaces throughout the lifespan of the product. Either Oracle or Microsoft SQL Server databases power the system.

The Ecotime® solution consists of two separate components: Ecotime® for end users/employees/supervisors/managers and Ecotime® administrator for payroll administrators.

Ecotime® supports email and messaging alerts based upon specific events to ensure streamlined and automated workflow processes. It also supports multiple pay cycles (weekly, bi-weekly, semi-monthly and monthly) separately or in different variations.

Benefits of Ecotime®:

  • Reduce labor costs and operations cost

  • Intuitive and easy to use

  • Low startup cost due to easy setup and guaranteed cost proposals

  • Low maintenance costs

  • Improvement in employee satisfaction

  • Visible data helps managers to make better decisions


Key Features:

  • Alerts with email notification

  • Industry-leading security system

  • Adjustments to previously paid time sheets

  • Manage time-off request

  • Reporting accessible by any user

  • Scheduling

  • FMLA management

  • Web reporting for administration and end users

  • Flexible overtime and business rules

  • Project, grant, department/cost center and location tracking

  • Greater flexibility from new design methodology


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