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Ecotime Cloud

The Ecotime Cloud is the first and only fully customize-able cloud based time and
attendance solution.

HBS noticed that companies were selecting hosted applications due to the low up-front costs, quick start-up time and little-to-no required maintenance. However, the solutions provided were limited, and companies were forced into applying their policies into the constraints of a rigid system. Though that may work for some applications, it does not work for payroll. To solve this problem, HBS released TP Time Suite.ASP, a fully customize-able hosted service in 2003. With the HBS system there is no need to modify company rules because TP Time Suite.ASP is built to conform to the rules and policies of individual companies.

The TP Time Suite.ASP product was upgraded to Ecotime®.SaaS and now Ecotime® Cloud. Ecotime® Cloud is now easier to setup and provides even more flexibility.  Ecotime® Cloud is also a carbon-free product.

Key Benefits of Software as a Service:

  • Low up-front costs

  • Quick startup time

  • Easy to use

  • No hardware to purchase or maintain

  • No additional charges

Ecotime® Cloud uses a table format to configure rules, allowing the system to meet most clients’ needs without customizations; however, the system can be customized if needed. Payroll rules and policies can change often –sometimes even mandated by federal, state or local laws — and unlike others systems, Ecotime® Cloud can easily be reconfigured to meet these new rules.

Benefits of Ecotime® Cloud over competitors:

  • Industry-leading features and security

  • Fully customizable system to meet 100% of your needs

  • Trusted company that has been in business since 1976

  • No hidden fees or charges

  • Guaranteed 99.7% minimum uptime

  • Test environment provided at no charge

  • Carbon-free product

HBS never charges any additional fees for updates and upgrades or space required. Clients can keep detailed history on all employees, including terminated employees, for the life of the service.

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