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Data Collection

The Ecotime system supports several different methods to collect employee data. All methods and technologies offer the same functionality and features. Employees can:

  • Record time worked.

  • Record time to projects, tasks, activities and grants.

  • Review their leave balances.

  • Submit leave requests.

  • Receive messages and alerts.

  • View a summary of time for a pay period.

  • Review summary of time for the pay period.

  • Compete their timesheet.

Ecotime allows employees to record time using the following collection technologies.

  1. PC’s desktop and laptops

  2. Ecotime Web clock

  3. Electronic time clocks

  4. IVR system

  5. Mobile app

PC’s desktops and Laptops

The Ecotime software allows employees to view the assigned timesheet and will allow time to be entered in hours and minutes or IN and OUT. It supports weekly, bi-weekly, semi-monthly and monthly pay periods. There are several different timesheet that are designed to collect different types of information including project, tasks, activities, cost centers, etc. The system operates in a real time environment so if an error is made the system will provide immediate feedback describing the error.

Ecotime Web Clock

The Ecotime Web Clock Module is a standard module that is included with the Ecotime systems. As with all modules the Web Clock Module is seamlessly integrated and can be purchased at any time.

The Web Clock is a web enabled application designed to replicate the common functionality provided by hardware time clocks. The Web Clock Module can be implemented to supplement or replace existing hardware time clocks.

The Web Clock has many advantages over standard hardware clocks.

To start with, the Web Clock only requires a computer with a web browser. There is no costly additional hardware or hardware maintenance agreements required. If one computer ceases to function any other computer with access can be substituted. Another big advantage to the Web Clock is that it can be set up and rolled out extremely quickly and easily. Programming standard clocks to complete custom tasks can be expensive and time consuming.  The Web Clock Module will also support single sign utilize by your organization.

Electronic Time Clocks

For many organizations, electronic time clock terminals are the best way to capture time and attendance information for their workforce quickly and efficiently. HBS has partnered with leading time clock manufactures to provide the most reliable and cost-effective solutions. The terminals HBS offers can be equipped with multiple readers and connection technologies. The readers include all standard barcode, magnetic strip and proximity formats, along with biometrics to eliminate “buddy punching.” Most clients use an Ethernet connection, but modem clocks are also available for remote locations without Internet/Intranet capabilities. The terminals can handle all standard clocking functions as well as access control, balance information and perform other tasks.  The terminals integrate seamlessly with all HBS applications through the Ecotime® Web Clock Module. All support is provided by the HBS Customer Support Center.


 IVR was designed for companies with a mobile, disbursed, transient or “clock-averse” workforce that want to quickly and accurately capture employee time and attendance information. HBS partnered with Telliris to develop the Ecotime® Phone Module, a best-of-breed solution that integrates seamlessly with all HBS products. The Ecotime® Phone Module can perform all functions of a standard time clock and allow access to any other functions in the Ecotime® application.

Mobile App

The Mobile app operates using both smartphones and tablets for Apple and Android devices and is responsive in design based on the devise being used. Not only does it offer all the standard features of the Ecotime product; recording time, completing timesheets employees can also view leave balances, requests, schedules, pay period summary, messages and alerts as the other data collection technologies, it will also track the GPS location of each entry.

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