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Client Advisory Committee

In 1995, HBS established a Client Advisory Committee (CAC), with the goal of capturing
a snapshot of each member company’s
ever-evolving operations.

The CAC consists of twelve (12) clients on two-year agreements, whom meet once per year for three days,  to discuss issues which enable HBS to move our product in the direction needed to meet the changing business requirements for personal business needs, as well as Federal and State laws. In addition, the committee also conducts a number of conference calls throughout the year.

Based on feedback from clients, industry meetings and conferences and our own project team; HBS reviews recommended new processes, enhancements, and functionality to existing modules.

Working jointly with the CAC allows us to develop a priority list of the most important items. Specific internal project teams are then established and assigned items from the priority list. Once the list is finalized, separate internal projects are initialized.

The importance of the CAC cannot be overstated. HBS could not think of a better way to define the functionality, features, and direction of our products, over time, than to learn and benefit from the years of experience our clients have dealing with different industries of size and levels of complexity.

Limiting the number of years a client can participate on the committee allows HBS to make sure we are continually meeting the needs of every industry we serve, and always coming up with fresh and innovative ideas for emerging areas.

HBS’s FMLA module, released three years ago, is a result of the HBS staff working with the CAC members.

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