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About Us

Huntington Business Systems, or more commonly referred to as HBS, began in 1976 as a financial consulting firm under the name Innovated Management Solutions (IMS). In the late 1980’s, IMS worked with a small software development company to design, and build, a solution that would help automate the payroll time collection process for one of its larger clients. Following this, and a number of successful joint projects, in 1992 the two companies decided to join forces to become Huntington Business Systems, Inc.

HBS has many clients in 47 states as
well as US clients with operations in Europe and Canada.

Today, 95% of HBS’s operations are in the area of providing software solutions for automating payroll and human resource functions. HBS has more than 1,500 clients in 47 states as well as an international client base in Europe and Canada. HBS has custom-built systems for clients that range from less than 50 employees to more than 250,000 employees in a number of major industries, including: health care, manufacturing, financial institutions, insurance representatives, government agencies, grade schools/collegiate universities, utility companies, technology firms, pharmaceutical companies and oil/gas businesses.Through Ecotime®, our Web-based time and attendance management solution, we support the use of electronic time clocks, IVR technology, Web-based time entry, and system access through smartphones.Our software products have been designed to provide the greatest functionality, performance, and flexibility in the industry.  HBS’s software is capable of handling the most complex payroll policies, overtime rules, edits and any other unique requirements. Using our financial, consulting, and IMS experience in conjunction with our products, HBS can guarantee successful implementation and 100% client satisfaction.

HBS offers clients
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