I think we can all agree that the world is always changing, sometimes change is good while other times it can cause problems or stress.  Here is a little story about the good and bad changes we have seen in the business world.  As a technology company everyone at HBS has to embrace change, as it is an integral part of our business. Our industry is an important part of our clients business, however many companies are hesitant in investing in new Time and Attendance software without a specific reason.  Sometimes change is needed, it can be because the technology (like servers or clocks) is old and outdated and needs replacement or upgrading.  Other times it because the laws or requirements changed so much their current system no longer meets their needs.  Regardless of the reason this change presents the opportunity for the company to find the best solutions for their organization.  This is good for us because we are confident that we can provide the best solution and experience for our clients.

This is the good side of change, change that inspires companies to seek out a better solution.  They now have the opportunity to provide a better experience for the employees and managers.  It allows them to implement a solution that is scalable, cost effective and will ultimately lower the company’s operating costs.  This benefits everyone involved, HBS, the Client, and all the employees.  Internally at HBS we embrace change as well, this is highlighted with our dedicated R&D department and Client Advisory Committee.  These groups are dedicate to tracking change in the industry and driving innovation within our products.

As the old Chinese philosophy of Yin and Yang describes everything has both a positive and negative aspect.   Change can be stressful, it is uncertain and often difficult.   Companies will experience these pain implementing any new large scale system.  This can include things like determining the actual requirements and runs all the way through testing and then training employees.  They know it will be worth it in the end but change can be difficult.  Once loyalty was prized over change but there has been a cultural shift over the years.  Employees would work their entire careers for one company, companies would remain loyal to their employees, vendors, suppliers and other entities as well.  Loyalty was comfortable for everyone as both parties would know what they should expect from each other.

We decided to write this Blog post as it blends the two aspects of Change and loyalty.  A few weeks ago one of our long time clients called to ask us a question about moving their current system to Amazon’s Cloud.  They have been a client for nearly 20 years which is the definition of loyal, especially in the technology industry.  Over this time they have gone through many changes and upgraded their systems multiple times.  As an organization they are going through some change, like many organizations they are moving a lot of their systems to the Cloud. This seems to be a very popular trend for organization across all industries.  Our client called their Customer Support team to find out what the cost would be to have our team help them with the transition.  Our customer service team is dedicated to providing our customers with the best and most cost effective options available.  The Customer Support Team thought upgrading to Ecotime.Cloud (our Cloud based solution) might be better option.  It has all the great costs savings of cloud applications, has lots of new features and functions and gives our support team easy access to their system to improve customer support.   After some back and forth discussions and demonstrations of the new features our client elected to upgrade to Ecotime.Cloud instead of moving their existing system to the cloud.

At HBS our ultimate mission is to provide the best solution for our clients and we really take this to heart.  When our client called to ask a simple question instead of just giving them the answer they were looking for our team spent time trying to understand what they needed and what was inspiring the change.  It happened to be a corporate initiative to move everything to the cloud.  After understanding what the client needed our Customer Support team and Sales team were able to develop the best solution available.