Press Release:

HBS announces the release of new rounding rule functionality for ecotime, the industries most flexible and powerful time and attendance system.

The concept and functionality of rounding punches has always been a standard feature of Ecotime.  This functionality allows clients to decide how they handle the minutes associated with employees actual in and out punches.  Although its not exclusive to using time clocks or web clock that is the most commonly used method for recording the in and out time data.  The existing functionality allows companies to decide if and how to round these punches including rounding to schedules, attendance rounding and minute rounding.  These punches are rounded when they are put on the time card and ecotime includes the audit trail to track the changes.  This functionality was an acceptable rounding options for the vast majority of HBS’s clients, however some clients needed to customize this process.

At HBS our goals it to provide the best solution for all clients and although customizations are always available it is our goal that system can meet our clients functionality with out them.   This is why HBS decided to modify and expand the configurable setting regarding the rounding rules application.  The new settings allow companies to decide when the rounding rules will be applied.  This includes rounding on the time sheet as well as rounding at different times during the output process.

For more information please contact HBS at 631-361-6820