The results are in…ecotime shows immediate cost savings and a measurable return on investment.

Over the last years,  Huntington Business Systems, Inc. had asked many of its clients to track their Return on Investment after implementing ecotime.  HBS has always stood behind our time and attendance application as a legitimate cost savings tool.

As part of the study, HBS asked clients of different sizes and industries across the country to track the ROI from implementing ecotime or add-on modules in 2010.  The clients included in the study had to be implementing ecotime or adding new modules to their existing system.  They also had to have started or completed their implementation in 2010 and be live by June 30th.  HBS also asked each client to include all costs associated with the implementation in calculating the results.

The results were outstanding.  Their savings ranged depending on the size and complexity of the organizations, but all participants saw an immediate cost savings!  One client was able to reduce their HR department costs by one full time employee by adding the FMLA module to their ecotime system.  That client went live with the new module on April 1st.  They reported that the total cost of one full time employee over the 9 remaining months was more the twice that of total costs they  incurred by adding the FMLA module!

These results, as well as that of many other clients, had even amazed HBS.  One project manager said, “I knew we implemented a good product designed to make our client’s job easier, but these results had even exceeded our expectations!”

HBS leads the Time and Attendance industry in respect to return on investment.  HBS believes  this is because ecotime can be easily adjusted to meet 100% of the clients needs.  HBS is currently compiling the data and will be releasing the detailed ROI white paper soon.