ecotime, as well as older HBS Time and Attendance Systems such as TP Time Suite, will have successfully adjusted the time over the weekend automatically.

All HBS time and attendance systems have been designed to automatically handle daylight savings time adjustments. ecotime uses the server to base all time related transactions for clocking, including web clock.  If all recommended patches have been applied to the server as directed, the server time will automatically adjust the time appropriately.

Another feature of the daylight savings process of ecotime is the automation of when employees work across the time change.  ecotime will correctly calculate the number of hours worked.  ecotime uses a flag to indicate which side of the time change all clock transactions occur on.  If an employee clocks in before the time change, and then clocks out after the time change, they will have different flags.  When the system enters the time into time detail, it will adjust the time clock-out time to the correct time.  This ensures the duration is accurate and all calculations are correct.