The ecotime® Web Clock Module is a Web-enabled application designed to replicate the common functionality provided by hardware time clocks. The Module can be implemented to supplement or replace existing hardware time clocks.

HBS’s ecotime® Web Clock Module has several advantages over standard hardware clocks, requiring only a computer with a Web browser to function. There is no costly additional hardware to buy or hardware maintenance to worry about, if one computer ceases to function, another computer with Web access can be used in its place. Another key advantage to the ecotime® Web Clock Module is the speed at which it can be set-up and rolled out. Programming standard clocks to complete custom tasks can be expensive and time consuming, but our Module can be up and running quickly, at a fraction of the price of clock hardware. Furthermore, the ecotime® Web Clock Module also has expanded functionality over standard hardware clocks, with advanced messaging and balance displays, that can easily link to other functions within the ecotime® application, creating a seamless do-all solution for your time and attendance management needs.

The ecotime® Web Clock Module also has standard clock functionality that includes:

•    Clocking in
•    Clocking out
•    Departmental charges
•    Project and task charges

The ecotime® Web Clock Module can integrate with existing LDAP and third-party single-sign on applications. In keeping with the design of all HBS ecotime® products, the ecotime® Web Clock Module can be customized to meet any requirements.