Electronic Time Clocks

For many organizations, electronic time clock terminals are the best way to capture time and attendance information for their workforce quickly and efficiently.  HBS has partnered with leading time clock manufactures to provide the most reliable and cost-effective solutions.  The terminals HBS offers can be equipped with multiple readers and connection technologies.  The readers include all standard barcode, magnetic strip and proximity formats, along with biometrics to eliminate “buddy punching.”  Most clients use an Ethernet connection, but modem clocks are also available for remote locations without Internet/Intranet capabilities.  The terminals can handle all standard clocking functions as well as access control, balance information and perform other tasks.  The terminals integrate seamlessly with all HBS applications through the ecotime® Web Clock Module.  All support is provided by the HBS Customer Support Center.


 IVR was designed for companies with a mobile, disbursed, transient or  “clock-averse” workforce that want to quickly and accurately capture employee time and attendance information. HBS partnered with Telliris to develop the ecotime® Phone Module, a best-of-breed solution that integrates seamlessly with all HBS products. The ecotime® Phone Module can perform all functions of a standard time clock and allow access to any other functions in the ecotime® application.