When we designed our first time and attendance system in 1989 its ability to interface with a payroll system was a necessity.  It was called TIP which stood for Timesheet Interface Program.  We built it to help companies collect and manage their employee’s time and attendance data.  Back then you only had two options; electronic time clocks or manually entering the data to payroll.  Time clocks were great for manufacturing and other blue collar workers but white collar workers wouldn’t “clock in and clock out”.  HBS was at the forefront creating a new industry that focused on collecting and managing employee’s time data in an automated fashion.  Deciding to focus solely on the new time and attendance industry meant we would need to interface our data with  payroll systems.

In 1989 computer systems were very different than they are now, at the time we used text files to import and export the data.  The data was stored on small databases that weren’t very powerful.  Over the last 30 years databases and technology has greatly expanded and systems have become more integrated.  Companies no longer have isolated systems.  They have been replaced with many systems integrated and working together.

At HBS we have always prided ourselves on our high level of customer service.  In order to deliver the highest level of service we took the responsibility of creating all the interfaces.  We knew we could manipulate the data and formats easily and could insure it worked properly if we controlled all aspects of the interfaces.  Now systems are more complicated and more integrated but our commitment to service hasn’t changed.  We are always here to help with any integrations you might need, just give us a call.

Keep an eye out for our next post…. Using your Time and Attendance System for more than just time tracking.