New Year’s Resolutions have been a common tradition since the Babylonian era. It’s a time to reflect on the past year and look forward to self-improvement in the new. Unfortunately, most of us are guilty of giving up on resolutions almost as quickly as we make them.

We have become a nation of instant gratification. Thanks to technology, we expect things to literally be at our fingertips at any given moment. Because of this, when we don’t receive the favorable results we’re after, we tend to think it’s not worth it and move on. But some circumstances take time, in fact they take an entire lifetime.

How does this relate to business?

I believe the new year provides us with a unique opportunity, we have a whole year and budget to work with.

This is the time to sit down and examine the pains and accomplishments of last year. I challenge you to take 90 minutes in the next few weeks to perform this analysis.

Step 1 – Spend 30 minutes in a quiet office or room and create a list of all the great accomplishments of 2016, then create a list of your biggest struggles as well. Limit yourself to 30 min, if you can’t think of it in that amount of time, it isn’t that important.

You can do this as team as well, grab a few co-workers in your department and do it together over lunch.

Step 2 – Seek out some help from industry experts. There are many experts, like myself that would love to help you review your pains and see if there are solutions available.

Step 3 – Rank your options. I always like to examine the options and costs then weigh them against their ROI. The items that are easy to tackle and cost little while having a good ROI are the best to tackle this year, maybe even right away. Some items will provide a high ROI but have a high cost or time demand be patient and plan for these items. The items with a low ROI and have a high costs are best put off until the cost come down or ROI improves. Keep them on your list and re-evaluate them next year.

So now is the time to start!  Get working and give us a call if you need help.  We are offering free consultations to review your issues and help you find solutions.